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Assignments have been completed for a wide range of businesses and public sector organisations in the UK and internationally.  Full confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.


Understanding the client’s requirements comes from our consultants’ wide general management experience allied to specific knowledge and experience of human resources and recruitment processes.  A precise and comprehensive job specification is developed and agreed, based upon a clear understanding of each organisation’s business needs, internal culture and unique operating environment.  An Assignment Brief is prepared and agreed in advance with the client; this includes an outline of the organisation and its business, a full job description, key objectives of the role; candidate specification and overall remuneration package.


The process includes the content, design and placing of job advertisements if required, research into target organisations to identify potentially suitable candidates through direct targetted approach,  longlisting/shortlisting of suitable candidates; preliminary interviews; personality testing; assisting at final interview, personal contract discussions and finalising the appointment.  A detailed report is prepared on each suitable candidate, which is then discussed with the client.  If appropriate this can be supplemented with an individual psychometric assessment and a final selection stage, using “real work” exercises to evaluate key areas of capability.


We recognise the development of executive roles in organisations at different times.  Reflecting evolving situations affecting for example product strategy, market positioning, financial performance and operations requirements such that similarly-titled positions are rarely mirror images of each other, we always insist on clients providing us with key first year deliverables for successful candidates.  These fundamentally affect our approach to the search and interview process and differentiate us from our competitors.

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